Jacqueline Thompson Creative Director

Jacqueline Thompson is the Creative director and proud owner of Hair Flow Hair Care Studios, previously operating from 1898 Kennedy Road, Hair Flow has been proudly serving clients for over 17 years. Jacqueline’s Hair Flow brand and passion for hair care has become her signature. She continues to create and recreate her Hair Flow brand to stand out using professional products that make a lasting difference.Jacqueline has a flare for healthy hair. Her care and attention to detail is reflective in her work habits.

Whether she is styling, relaxing hair, creating up-dos, or utilizing a flat iron; the end result is to bring your hair to a healthier state.As a licensed hair stylist with over 30 years of experience, Jacqueline continues to upgrade her skills and education in Canada and The United States to meet the needs of her clientele.Her ongoing study of Trichology: the study of health hair and scalp, has provided Jacqueline with a wealth of knowledge to address problems such as, hair loss concerns; like alopecia, improving the use of relaxers, and improving scalp conditions to help retain and decrease hair loss.